So, Why Art and Geology?


“What do you want to do? Paint rocks?

That’s the response I got 90% of the time when people asked me about my double-major in college. It wasn’t really a double-major.. I finished my BS and my BFA at different times, but I used the same core from my Geology degree to complete my BFA. I loved microfossils and at one time I had every intention of seeking a career in the oil exploration field. While I was in my last year of school, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I couldn’t focus enough to finish, so I hit the pause button on school. During my year off, I worked for a magazine and discovered graphic design. Art was another love of mine and I couldn’t decide what I really wanted to do, so by the time school started up for the next fall semester, I signed up for my last calculus class (for Geology), and a bunch of art classes!

My new career field was already opening doors for me while I was beginning my new course of study. I was a full-time designer working for an ad agency before I even graduated, so you could say that it was never really a choice that I had to make. I do miss time in the field, so I recruit my right- AND left-brained friends and take our own field trips! Join us on our adventures here!