Eureka Mine, Marion, KY

Earlier this month, my misfit group of rockhead friends and I got to visit the Eureka mine in Marion, KY.┬á I’ve seen people post beautiful crystals they have found there, but I think other groups had been there since they last turned the ground, so I think we got their seconds. We filled our buckets, but when we got home, we found that the best crystals we collected were small. Many have been dinged and damaged by being turned over by heavy equipment, but we were very happy with the few that came home with! They were covered in the most impossible to remove iron clay, as were our tools, boots, buckets, EVERYTHING!!! Our feet were double in size thanks to the clay sticking to us.. and shoveling was like pushing clay on clay. STILL… fluorite! ­čÖé

The Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum was very cool.. and we ended up finding a few treasures there that we couldn’t go home without! Check them out sometime!

My twin hemis

I was so happy to find these two lower Hemipristis serra teeth on my South Carolina vacation. They are in pristine condition and are two of my very favorite teeth!

lower hemipristis serra

It is hard to see unless you look very closely, but they have these tiny, super-sharp cusplets that are just like needles, even now!


I love the roots of the lower hemis. They can stand easily on their own. Look how razor-sharp those blades are and how they flare at the tip!